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Here’s the truth: We can’t sit still with our creative thoughts. We found that brainstorming with our clients pulls all of the parts together: brainstorming, relationship building, execution, success, and gratification on both ends. We created this company for that reason. 


CameraHead Media is based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Owner and founder Willie Fowler has instilled a kind of attention to detail and ingenuity in his business’ work that sets our clients atop their respected competition time and time again. As a result, Willie has developed a company that undertakes projects of adventure, delivering the most innovative and captivating results for our clients, both locally and nationwide.


CameraHead’s team is comprised of multiple individuals representing various areas of marketing and advertising strategy. We come together from different backgrounds to bring you and your business the best. The enthusiasm and dedication we bring to our projects is unmatched, and we take on each and every job with a joyous (borderline manic) energy, whether it’s a cross-country filming location on the beach, or a harshened, windswept video on the plains of our backyards in Wyoming.

When you choose to work with Camera Head Media, rest assured that we promise:

To build a trust

that will inspire the growth of a great partnership with reliable assets now and for the future of your business.

To be loyal,  

as we help to strengthen your name in your industry. Being devoted to your brand is key, and we take pride in that as we work to build a lasting relationship with you and your business.

to never lose our edge

To stand proud

next to our clients and the work we put so much of our hearts into.

The People of CHM

Willie Fowler

Head cowboy and family man. Willie brings his charisma, creativity, and no b.s. attitude to lead Camera Head through each successful project. With a bright smile and a warm allure, his clients become friends and family alike, which is exactly what he wants. He lives to build these types of relationships with the one’s that revel in the wonder of the natural world and make you feel right at home. When he’s not off capturing footage (or the next elk) he’s chasing his little monsters around the backcountry with his rock and confidant, wife, Brittany.

Kody Kohlman

Kody is a dependable guy. When asked what his favorite gadget is, he tells a story of losing his memory cards to a river while bike-packing throughout Wyoming’s untouched backcountry (his favorite activity). Luckily, the case they were in kept them dry and he recovered them a mile or so downstream. As far as commercial branded content is concerned, you can bet on Kody to deliver projects that take you somewhere new (safely, of course). 

Garrett Creamer

A theory exists that Garrett’s two different colored eyes are the reason for his impeccable photography skills. Somehow this genetic trait has given him the super power of finding the ultimate light that illuminate subjects in fantastic ways. Garrett is skilled in many facets of media but focuses on photography and videography, relishing in the moments where people are being challenged and honest. In another life, he road skateboards down mountains reaching speeds of up to 75mph. No joke.

Jared Souza

The man in the sky, he's our Certified Remote Pilot, bringing our aerial imagery to new heights. This imagery is a huge part of our workflow and his enthusiasm allows us to pull off some amazing moves with pure precision. 


He also has a need/desire/knack for spending time with the fish, seriously, no joke.  Our underwater guru, a man, never afraid to push the limits. He's a dynamic asset and it wouldn’t be the same around here without him, trust us.

Travis See

Subtlety is key to Travis See. He notices and amplifies undertones in editing, coloring, and operating the camera that make all the difference when the final product roles out. In this way, Travis is really a wild west Van Gough in hiding. When he’s not studying the abyss of film knowledge, he’s watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or practicing his archery because, “Primal is sexy,” as he says.

Daniel Carter

Daniel is upside down and all around. As an owner of his own aerial company, True West Aerial, he’s the one we call when clients want to get upside down and capture intense, high-impact shots. He puts us in the right place to capture what can not be shot from a drone. You may see him promoted as talent on some of our fly fishing deliverables (we all need that team member). When he’s not modeling, you can find him chasing the upland game around the prairies and mountain slopes alongside his German Shorthair friend, “Maddie.”

We have solutions for todays ever changing marketing strategies.

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