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Aerial platforms (drone / plane / cable cam) are vital tools in telling your story. From the old-fashioned shot to establish the scene to replicating costly/time intensive shots that take a full crew and a ½ day to setup with an ordinary dolly and track, we can pull it off in mere minutes.


Witnessing the outdoors in all of it’s spontaneous, bewildering tranquility, as well as it’s constant commotion, is nearly impossible to capture (just think of the last landscape photo you took that didn’t even come close to the real thing!), but these shots are exactly what we succeed in producing. Because our team revels in nature, we have the patience for the moments that are hard to come by, the ones our clients want to remember and share with others. That’s why our footage appears in documentaries, tv features, product promotions, and stock vaults - our results are that pristine! 

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