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It isn’t easy to acknowledge the toll that child abuse and neglect have in Wyoming; the opportunity to create a short film for Casper’s Children’s Advocacy Project was one of the most emotionally impactful projects we’ve ever taken on. We decided to develop Maddie’s story through a case study approach, interweaving themes of help, mental health, and healing with the hard truth of the long-term damage caused by violence against children. From beginning to end, our number one goal was to allow Maddie’s voice to shine through, presenting viewers with both necessary discomfort and renewed hope for the process that allows survivors like Maddie to heal. 

"We write from such a different perspective. Your effort and passion for creating this unbelievable video is unreal. We have never been so blessed by someone with such talent. Your ability to tell the story from that special girl and her family they will NEVER forget it. Your incredible art helped us raise funds for children like her so we can give hope to more children. We can only pray we continue to raise awareness and give voice to the kids. Thank you, Willie. Such an honor to have worked with you."

Kayleigh, Casidy, Heather, Rosemary, Ashley and Baleigh
Children's Advocacy Project - Casper, WY

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