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The Vision of the 



Nourished kids, healthy families, and thriving communities: that's the goal of Wyoming Hunger Initiative.


Camera Head Media has been actively involved in the development of Wyoming Hunger Initiative from the beginning; we dove into this project headfirst filming the launch to introduce First Lady Jennie Gordon’s initiative to the state of Wyoming, and have been an integral part of the team ever since. Collaboration is at the heart of Wyoming Hunger Initiative and with many new programs, campaigns, and a pandemic to navigate, storytelling isn’t just a “nice-to-have,” but an essential part of battling food insecurity. Much work is left to be done, and we’ll continue to create content that raises awareness and successfully converts bystanders to advocates.


"It is a rarity to find an individual with such talent who will also delve into the project at hand with such passion and enthusiasm. The goal of any non-profit organization is to develop a mission and share those fundamental values with those who could be impacted by the mission or those who will support the mission. The defining moment is when this same individual takes on the project as if it were his own by creating an image that can in turn share the work of the organization with the world. On behalf of the Wyoming Governor's Residence Foundation and the First Lady's office, I can say with absolute certainty that Camera Head Media and Willie surpassed every expectation and vision to ensure that our story came to life in a way that we could share with our participants and supporters. As with any non-profit, my entire life is dedicated to this cause. I sought out Willie to complete the work needed for our first video because he makes every client he has a priority but most importantly, he becomes equally as invested in every client’s story. I am incredibly grateful to have found the best talent Wyoming has to offer to help the first lady write her story."

- Trista Ostrom, Chief of Staff, First Lady of Wyoming

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