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"It is a rarity to find an individual with such talent who will also delve into the project at hand with such passion and enthusiasm. The goal of any non-profit organization is to develop a mission and share those fundamental values with those who could be impacted by the mission or those who will support the mission.

The defining moment is when this same individual takes on the project as if it were his own by creating an image that can in turn share the work of the organization with the world.


On behalf of the Wyoming Congressional Delegation, Wyoming Congressional Award Council and the Wyoming Congressional Award participants, I can say with absolute certainty that Camera Head Media and Willie surpassed every expectation and vision to ensure that our story came to life in a way that we could share with our participants and supporters. Since the completion of our video, it has been shown not just in Wyoming but all over the United States and as far as Washington, DC because of the quality and message that is depicted throughout!


As with any non-profit, my entire life is dedicated to this cause. I sought out Willie to complete the work needed for our first video because he makes every client he has a priority but most importantly, he becomes equally as invested in every client’s story. I am incredibly grateful to have found the best talent Wyoming has to offer to help us write our story as we continue to develop Wyoming’s next generation of leaders."

Trista Ostrom | Executive Director - Wyoming Congressional Award

"We write from such a different perspective. Your effort and passion for creating this unbelievable video is unreal. We have never been so blessed by someone with such talent. Your ability to tell the story from that special girl and her family they will NEVER forget it. Your incredible art helped us raise funds for children like her so we can give hope to more children. We can only pray we continue to raise awareness and give voice to the kids. Thank you, Willie. Such an honor to have worked with you."

Kayleigh, Casidy, Heather, Rosemary, Ashley and Baleigh

Children's Advocacy Project - Casper, WY

"Willie and team were great to work with, professional, efficient and delivered an excellent product. I appreciated the flexibility and creativity to deliver a product that surpassed my expectations."

Ashley Harpstreith | CEO - Goshen County Economic Development Corp.

"We have worked with Willie on a number of video projects and our partnership has provided excellent results. Over the past few years we worked with a number of different production teams and found that Camera Head Media was the right partner to work with to showcase our unique properties. Willie knows how to "tell the story" and his attention to detail in the editing room are unmatched. He really put in the extra effort in post production with the sound and lighting that blows away the competition. I strongly endorse Willie."

Ken Mirr | CEO - Mirr Ranch Group

"I started working with Willie and his crew several years ago on a short commercial I wanted. Wanted something to show off my products to make the customers say “I have to have that!” I have always tried to do these things myself since it is so hard for me to converse what I have in my head to anybody else. We had several phone calls and emails to discuss some key things I wanted to be included. He had the basics of what I was looking for and he went with it. After some time of getting the shots and videos for my project he put it all together and sent me a rough clip to make sure he was on the right track. MAN, I was blown away, It is like he knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen. He finished it off with great voice over, music and some more video and shots to put it over the top. I still get compliments today on how well it relays my products to the customer. 

He shoots awesome video that I could never do and the editing skills are amazing. He convinced me of one thing for sure, I do what I do to the best of my ability and he does what he does GREATER than I ever imaged! 

I highly recommend this team for any projects, great group of guys and are committed to exceptional work."

Tom Boehmer | CEO - Four Rivers Company, Inc.

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